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I am crazy about adidas, I live and breath it and am honored to called it my brand. I joined the three stripe family in 2014 and have never looked back. I love what it symbolises and feel privileged to be part of the team.

Adidas was founded by a Bavarian, Adolf Dassler. The brand name comes from his nickname, Adi Dassler. Born in 1900, Dassler was a cobbler, as well as an enthusiastic athlete. He created his first sports shoe in 1920, from the back office of a local laundry where he first set up shop.

In 2015, Adidas revealed its five-year strategic plan which would focus on the “Creating the New” attitude and the idea that, through sport, the brand can change lives. This strategy hinges on three pillars: fast decision-making; growth in key cities including New York, London and Tokyo; and constant sourcing of input from athletes, consumers and partners.

The leading endurance supplement provider.


32Gi is a leading endurance supplement provider. Their complete focus is providing their customers with high quality balanced and sustainable energy supplements, while empowering them with knowledge of healthier nutrition options. Great care is taken to ensure that all 32Gi products are clean, simple and contain no unnecessary additives. 32Gi products contain no non-nutritive sweeteners, artificial flavours or colours. 32Gi has formulated all products in line with the EFSA (European Food Standards Authority) requirements to ensure that the brand is of the highest standards. 32Gi is a brand that customers can trust and know that their needs are being put first. 32Gi always advocates health before performance and is here to support and guide you through your nutrition, performance and health goals.

I have never been able to train and race like I do now taking 32Gi, it maintains my blood sugar levels during training and racing and aids recovery after sessions as well as giving me a kick at the end of a race. My preferences for training are the blueberry and raspberry endure juice and the chocolate recover protein shake. I take this shake after every session, it works wonders and enables me to recover in time for my second or third training session of the day. On race day my go to juice is the raspberry “RACE” . Race is a carbohydrate RICH sports drink providing immediate energy in the form of glucose during high intensity exercise. I love the coffee and vanilla flavored gels. 32Gi’s Sports Gel is manufactured from natural brown rice syrup making it a healthy gel option whilst providing the much needed energy requirement during a sporting event. I also use the GShots which is an amazing caffeine boost during a race. To find out more about 32Gi, visit their website.




Rapid Recover is a leading-edge rapid recovery system used for increasing circulation in the limbs to rapidly remove inflammatory fluids and allow much needed rich blood and nutrients back to those areas that are required for restoration and repair.


Rapid Recover uses a compression system which applies specific sequential pressure to the selected areas of the body improving circulation. Rapid Recover supports a multi-chamber massage compression unit to ensure optimal circulation. Rapid Recover also supports a broad range of pressure options to support a variety of treatments.

vida e caffè

vida e caffè

If you know anything about me besides running, it is that I LOVE good coffee. My all-time go to coffee has always been Vida e caffe … it rocks my world and I am a very proud ambassador of the brand.


SMG Durban is consistently among the country's top 3 BMW dealers


My dream car, the Mini Countryman. It is the perfect sporty little car for me and spacious enough for my whole family. I love its super stylish three stripe look.

Thanks SMG for the support.

To find out more about Mini SMG, visit their website.


I am an athlete but very much a girly girl, I believe its so important to look after yourself. Blessed to be spolit with this awesome product for my hair. Such a huge range and keeps it in the most amazing condition.

To find out more about Matrix, visit their website.

The Skin Connection

One of Durban Norths most tranquil and relaxing salons.

To find out more about The Skin Connection, visit their website.


Ultra Bee

Ultra Bee

At Ultra Bee, we take pride in providing a natural alternative to commercially produced products. Our products do not contain chemicals, preservatives, colourants and fragrances, making them suitable for the most delicate skin.

Our raw ingredients are ethically sourced from farmers who are vetted by Beauty Without Cruelty and our products are locally manufactured.

No harmful by-products are emitted during this process, making our products environmentally friendly.

In summary, our core values include commitment to creating products which do not harm our customers, animals or the environment.

For many people around the world, natural products have become a viable alternative to chemically-laden products, which often contain harmful ingredients which may have an adverse effect on delicate skin.

Our products are free from • colourants, • fragrances, • preservatives and • harmful chemicals, which make our products suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Our base ingredients, • honey, • beeswax, • pollen and • propolis,

work together to provide a product with, • anti-bacterial, • anti-fungal and • anti-inflammatory properties,

which aids in relieving symptoms of a number of skin ailments, from eczema, psoriasis and cradle cap, to diabetic sores and athlete’s foot.

These ingredients not only have healing properties, but provide moisture to the skin, sealing it in, leaving the skin soft and supple.

All our ingredients are natural, which means that our products do not have any adverse effects associated with commercially-produced products such as skin irritations and allergies, products which create skin dependencies, and products which harm the environment, yourself, or animals.

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polar GPS watch


I absolutely love my polar GPS watch, it captures so much data in the Polor Flow app which helps me assess varioust things during my training period. It is super reliable and always keeps me on pace, oh and its so gorgeous.

“You know you’re a winner but you don’t take it for granted – you need precise training data in order to optimize your performance. Polar has a long history of supporting elite and non elite athletes and like you we push ourselves to always remain at the forefront of precision training technology.”

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Sunlife Vitamin SA

Sunlife Vitamin SA

The Sunlife Germany factory has been manufacturing high quality Vitamin Products for European retail chains 1973. After recently establishing SUNLIFE as a Brand, our products are now distributed internationally to 70 Countries. SUNLIFE’s strict compliance to European and WHO (World Health Organisation) Standards and anti-doping guidelines has resulted in well priced, great tasting, quality products which appeal to kids as well International athletes and celebrities. Available at Clicks, Dischem, Alphapharm, Pick n Pay, Checkers and Independent Pharmacies. Social Media: @SunlifeVitamins

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